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GIS leak check for KEPCO

GIS leak check for KEPCO


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  • KEPCO KDN Geograhic Information System | Distribution

    Check the substation and single line diagram by line in real time; Check the system section in real time according to rough and detailed connection line; Check the detailed information of section such as load, cable size, number of customers and customer requirements etc.

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  • Leak detection design for ITER GIS gas fueling manifold

    Request PDF | Leak detection design for ITER GIS gas fueling manifold | During the ITER plasma operation state, in order to prevent explosion or contamination risk, leaks of the gas supply pipes

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  • Online sealing of SF6 leak for Gas insulated

    gas leak is a common defect for GIS equipment and it is reported that SF 6 l eakage represents about 40% minor fa ilures of G IS[5-7]. Gas leak may c ause the deterioration of insulating

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  • Use Leak Assignment—Help | ArcGIS Solutions for Water

    2021-1-25The Leak Assignment ArcGIS Workforce project is designed for operation managers to create and manage work assignments and for mobile workers to review and complete assignments in the field.. Create an assignment. As an operations manager or dispatcher, you need to review reported leaks or outages,

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  • KEPCO Plays Key Role in South Korean Economy

    2007-6-8KEPCO began the use of GIS in 2003 with the implementation of its Transmission GIS (TGIS) pilot project. The installation includes ArcSDE, ArcIMS, ArcInfo, ArcEditor, ArcGIS Schematics and others. KEPCO and Sundosoft, Inc., an affiliated company of ESRI Korea, were responsible for implementing the project.Author: Jim Baumann

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  • #1318 (DebCheck QA: Memory leaks) – GRASS GIS

    Debians run of the Cpp check tool automatically found a number of C-code errors (or potential errors) which need to be reviewed by hand. See grass-dev ML thread of 13 Jan 2011. about: Cppcheck is a command-line tool that tries to detect bugs that your C/C++ compiler doesnt see.

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  • GIS - Swedish Technology

    GIS (Geographic Information System) Mapping: Geographical Information Systems store data in databases and then represent it visually in a mapped format. People from different professions use maps to communicate. e.g. Google, GPS, Here all utilise maps for common use. Telephone/Network services: GIS

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  • 【内存泄漏】LeakCanary_柳湘翎的博客

    Translate this page2020-6-16今天心血来潮想写一些内存泄露的解决方案,说起内存泄露,那么就不得不提起这个LeakCanary。导言基本原理描述LeakCanary是如何工作的,以及如何使用它检测和修复内存泄漏。本文档旨在帮助所有级别的开发人员,因此请不要犹豫地报告任何令

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  • arcgis error000210问题_GIS骆驼的GIS博

    Translate this page2018-2-7GIS地理信息系统 44篇 ARCGIS开发 17篇 c# 27篇 市场交易 2篇 oracle数据库 17篇 RS遥感 2篇 三维建模 1篇 其他软件 6篇 开源GIS 4篇 数字城市 5篇 杂谈 23篇 电子地图 6篇 android安卓 10篇 DEDECMS织梦 2篇 CAD 15篇 FME 21篇 python 27篇 网络

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  • 调试(四)_JAVA for GIS-CSDN博客

    Translate this page2009-5-11了解更多有关gdb的内容GNU调试器是一个强大的工具,可以提供大量的有关运行程序内部状态的信息。在支持一个名叫硬件断点(hardware breakpoint)的实用程序的系统上,我们可以使用gdb来实时的查看变量的改变。硬件断点是某些CPU的一个特性

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