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cf4 process Draeger

cf4 process Draeger

__Translate this page2000-8-28ETCH PROCESS TRAINING 2000/8/28 WHAT IS ETCH? ? ? (, ), 。

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  • TaN Etch in CF4/CHF3 gas for MEMS/Sensor application

    The main feature of this process is TaN etching in CF4/CHF3 gas with low power and pressure including a post-etching de-fencing process to solve the residue problem. The optimized process can well control the TaN etching profile and Si loss during TaN over-etch, and was successfully used in the MEMS/Sensor patterning process.

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  • CHF3(三氟甲烷)制备CF4最优路径的

    Translate this page1981-4-28引言三氟甲烷是二氟一氯甲烷及四氟乙烯生产过程中产生的一种不可避免的副产,而且CHF3是温室效应第二高的温室气体,GWP值是CO2的14800 倍,仅次于SF6。目前,三氟甲烷的处理方式主要是采用高温焚烧进行,但是这样的方法消耗大量的

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  • Etching and Passivation Downstream of an O2-CF4

    2020-10-13Matuszak, Edward, Etching and Passivation Downstream of an O2-CF4-Ar Microwave Plasma (1986). Thesis. Rochester Institute of Technology. Accessed from This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by RIT Scholar Works. It has been accepted for inclusion in

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  • Vacuum pumps in plasma technology

    Working with corrosive gases. Special vacuum pumps have been developed to work with corrosive gases (CF4 / O2, SF6,).The rotary slide vane pumps described below are suitable for many applications.. However, using these pumps often with corrosive gases reduces their useful life.Usually, one pump of this type is

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  • Post etch photoresist and residue removal process

    An oxygen deficient plasma ashing process for a downstream plasma ashing device which includes flowing a plasma gas composition of a hydrogen bearing gas, an oxygen source and a CF4 and/or C2F6 and/or NF3 gas into a reaction chamber (20) and generating a plasma therein to form reactive species to react with photoresist

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  • 14 Carbonyl dibromide - ScienceDirect

    1996-1-1A convenient laboratory procedure is given in Appendix A5. A process for the commercial co-production of BrCN and COBr 2 has been patented: when tribromomethane and NO 2 are heated at 250-350 C in the presence of activated charcoal, BrCN is the predominant product; higher temperatures favour the

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  • Innovative Surface Wave Plasma Reactor Technique for

    2019-5-25Application of surface wave plasmas as an innovative technology for the destruction and removal of perfluorocompounds (PFC) emanating from semiconductor fabrication tools is demonstrated. The destruction of parts per thousand (ppt) concentrations of hexafluoroethane, C2F6, in oxygen and natural

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  • EP0799171A1 - Process for the preparation of

    Tetrafluoroethylene and other valuable 2-carbon atom fluorocarbon is made by reacting fluorine-containing compound such as metal fluoride with CO in an energized state, e.g. plasma excitation, to form a gaseous reaction mixture which is a precursor to COF2, followed by reacting this reaction mixture with carbon and

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  • 刻蚀工艺培训资料_图文_百度文库

    Translate this page2000-8-28ETCH PROCESS TRAINING 2000/8/28 WHAT IS ETCH? ? 什么是腐蚀? 腐蚀就是通过一定的方法(化学药液,特 气等)把光刻曝光显影后形成的图形转 移到硅片上,从而形成管芯的各种结构 和图形。›百度文库›行业资料

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